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Just thought of adding up a sober nevertheless useful general information about the importance of fruits and veggies. Just know that is important to have a regular intake of different fruits and vegetables regularly, stay as close to nature as possible.

Here are some fascinating facts about different fruits and veggies to encourage their intake:

 Bananas Pack a Punch

Bananas are famous all over the world for the range of health and culinary benefits they offer. They are excellent sources of trace elements required by the body – like manganese, magnesium, riboflavin, niacin, folate and iron. They also contain significant amounts of potassium, proteins, vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C along with dietary fibre.  2 medium-sized bananas can make for a meal that’s well-balanced and provides energy.

 There is Always some Amount of Nutrition

New fads and ‘expert opinions’ warn people about loss of nutrients while juicing, or freezing fruits and veggies.The thing is, no matter what form they are in, fruits and vegetables always retain some part of their nutrition – be it in a juice or frozen for a couple of hours.But the juices have to fresh – not packaged.

They Keep Your Gut Clean

Fruits and veggies are full of fibre which helps maintain regular bowl movement, regulate cholesterol, regulate blood sugar and ‘sweep’ the intestines as it passes through.

 Broccoli is a protein Powerhouse

Broccoli contains more protein than a portion of steak. Similarly, pumpkin seeds also have more protein than a similar amount of ground beef.

Peppers Help in Clotting Blood

Cayenne peppers can promote the clotting of blood over wounds.  If one sprinkles some cayenne pepper onto a wound, it will act as gauze! Eating peppers can help normalise blood pressure and promote clotting from within the body.

Apples Are Better Than Coffee to Wake Up To

For a mid-morning caffeine fix, try apples instead of the regular cup of coffee. Owing to the high amounts of carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral content, apples provide a surge of healthy nutrition that can help you stay energised.

Watermelons Are Great Sources of Hydration

In ancient days when clean drinking water was not readily available for travel, people used to carry watermelons. It is no surprise because this fruit is made up 92% water. It makes for a great filling snack that will also keep you hydrated and provide a good dose of fibre.

 Eat the Skin

Peeling away the skin of fruits and veggies is a nutritional mistake. The skin of many fruits and vegetables like carrots, apples, potatoes and cucumbers contains a high percentage of nutrients, so peeling it off is a mistake.

 Onions are High in Sulphur

Onions contain over 100 sulfide-containing compounds which provide numerous health benefits like the prevention of asthma and certain types of cancer. Sulphur is a trace element required by the body and onions are a known source of immunity-boosting sulphur.

 Orange Peels are Super Nutritious

It is a surprising fact that the skin that covers the already fibrous orange fruit actually contains four times more the amount of fibre.

Orange peel is hard to eat on its own and so it can be grated into orange zest and used as a seasoning.

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