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Anger and nutrition are a lot related. In fact many emotional states are related to nutrition in some way or the other. I recently met this lady who explained how she used to get angry on various occasions even where there was no real reason for the displayed behavior. Things like situations going hay wire or child not following her instructions would make her go berserk.

She had then embarked on a nutritious diet and over course also happened to make it her profession wherein she sells the natural supplement product to other customers. The business was in fact really working well as customers found a lot of difference in their lives at a physical and mental level through her product. As regards this lady, she became extremely calm and cheerful and had stopped overreacting in situations which otherwise would have causes extreme irritability in her. She mentioned that she realized her mistake in her way of handling the child. She not only started devoting more time and attention to her child, but also became more open to his mistakes and tantrums. She started getting different perspectives. All of this through diet!

Well, as a parent if you too are in the same boat, guess is time that you too do a nutritional analysis. In fact in times of challenge, diet is one of the key things that very much tends to be overlooked. The continuous barrage of thoughts really makes it difficult. However, that is the time that your focus on a good nutritious diet is utmost needed. Stress tends to put pressure on the cells and quickly deplete the nutritious vitamins and minerals from it. If they are not reloaded back, it tends to go to a downward spiral wherein stress leads to even larger stress as each time your mineral stores deplete and you fail to refill.

Scientifically adrenaline (the stress hormone) has an important role to play in causing anger. Adrenaline is good, helps you survive in times of danger. But if it stocked up in high quantity in your system, it may cause anger related issues. The level of adrenaline is also eventually a result of improper diet and its ramp up happens when sufficient glucose is not available to the brain to soothe it. High sugary food, fast food dependencies and packaged foods, all contribute to nutritional deficiencies. Hence even scientifically you can observe that diet does play an important role in your mood balance. There is ever increasing evidence that a good nutritional balancing program can positively affect your adverse emotional states such as anger.

Also know that everybody’s biochemistry is different. Certain foods have shown to induce anger in different people. This acquaintance of mine gets extremely agitated on putting more onions & garlic in the diet. So if you are dealing with anger, one approach could be to change your diet by turns and see what helps. Give every change a sufficient time, say a couple of weeks and see if there is any desired change before moving on to the next till you find the right combination. Or you could move on to specific diets altogether. There are many fancy diet styles out there and your nutritionist can guide you to the right one. You would be grateful for this effort of yours. A good nutrition can serve as one of the best ways to control anger.

The line ‘You are what you eat’ does indeed go a long way.

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However I always stress on the holistic healing. And for that it is important to understand life as a whole. It is when your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health come together that you indeed get healthy. The book ‘Can You Play‘ will play an important role in the same.