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Can You Play – Knowing the Game
Publisher: NB Times
Publication Year: 2016
Format: Paper Back
Length: 300 Pages

Can You Play sets the larger agenda of life and living by establishing life as a Game while also helping you win it comfortably. It does so by giving a holistic, scientific and detailed insight on topics that matter to us right from karma, religion, vitality, life's purpose, meditation and more. This insight eventually leads to the Achievement Framework that would help you achieve all that you want to. At the same time it sets the requisite pace for you to win the 'real' game, into realizing your true nature. No magic. No Secret. Just plain Truth. (BOOK IS COMING SOON)

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About the Book

Can you Play is about playing the game called ‘Life’, which remains oblivious to us despite it playing right head-on. This game has been highlighted by many thinkers and spiritual sages at various times, but the right understanding still eludes many. Their messages have been overlooked while words have been passionately latched on to.  The messages and this game of life becomes easier to comprehend when our understanding of various facets of life gets real, when we are not deluded and overwhelmed by the social conditioning which has sprung forth due to the insecurities of life and living. This is when we get over the words and go deeper into the meaning that various realized souls sought for, when the clouds disperse and the ever existent sky becomes visible. We go back to our self.

This book in a systematic, analytical and structured way helps you realize this journey. It throws light on many important aspects of life such as karma, religion, astrology, vision, health, meditation, illness and sets a right platform for you to rise higher through discovering this blend. In the process, it answers many longing questions such as,

  • What is the unfailing recipe to success and fame?
  • How does karma precisely work and can it be dissolved?
  • What is your purpose in life, ideal career?
  • Do you have free will?
  • Does law of attraction exist?
  • What is the secret to a perfect health, longevity?
  • How can you defeat anxiety, depression, traumas, phobias?
  • How to realize true freedom and overcome every limiting barrier?
  • How do Karma, astrology and religion fit in your daily lives?

As the understanding about life gets deeper, you will know that Life not only has its set of rules and regulations, like any other game, but also has a vision for each of us to follow. This holistic understanding will lead you to play the game well by making you sense freedom amidst the clouds of darkness. As right perspectives are shone upon many key and core dimensions of life, you will muster strength to overcome the limiting boundaries that were braking you down and in turn will accomplish all that you longed for. But in the larger context it gradually attunes one to the natural energies of life and become one with it.

You are well on your way in this journey of life, towards successfully chasing your dreams and into realizing your true nature.