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Difference of brain and mind is sometimes not readily apparent. In colloquial terms, one often implies the other. Until one delves down into the technical details being thrust upon by certain circumstances of life.  Your brain and mind together are directing and coordinating the various bodily function and keep a watch on your thoughts and actions.The brain is an organ of soft nervous tissue, and is similar to any other organs in your physical body. The Brain is not in your control. It is just a small physical entity weighing a kilo that is sitting right up in your head. It is busy directing and coordinating the various bodily functions. A working brain means that you are conscious.

Mind is that component which is awareness, that which knows that you exist. Regardless of whether it is a byproduct of the brain of exists beyond the physical realms. It is something that is distinctly present and cannot be subdued. It keeps a watch on your thoughts and actions, and is evolved to varied degree in different individuals. That is why it is always said ‘mind your words’ and not ‘brain your words’. Training the mind using good strategies and setting new limits improves its endurance, efficiency, clarity, agility and stamina. Difference of brain and mind becomes apparent as you allow way for silence in your life, primarily through meditation.

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