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There is a clear distinction between vision and goals. Vision is the ultimate manifestation of your life’s purpose. It is the final place where you see yourself as. Vision is the inspiration that leads you to setting the intermediary steps called Goals. Very often people are being asked to make a goal and then forced to visualize it. They are distinctly different. Goals should not be visualized. And if you have a vision, you won’t really need to apply visualization.

Most people feel lost in life because they either can’t locate the true purpose or they can’t find time to pursue their passion. Look around and chances are, you will most likely end up finding a lost musician, a lost artist, a lost scientist and so forth. Those were possibly the vision. What people refer to as earning X amount monthly, reaching Y level in a job, becoming the best father, etc. are goals rather than vision.

Goals will give you power and energy but they will not emotionally charge you if you do not know what your vision is.  A vision is something that comes from within and you are ready to focus all your resources to attain that one thing. It is an outlet for your deepest held passions. You want to live life just to achieve that vision. Your job is probably just one of the goals to reach that vision. Someone has to pay the bills, right! Also note that earning money, acquiring fame are too general to be a vision. People who made it big always followed a purpose, a dream that was derived from their inherent talent. They never chased money and fame. Money and fame happened to them.

Once you realize your Life purpose you will know what tangibles lay ahead but you will stop brooding over these. They won’t occupy a reasonable surface area of your mind anymore as your purpose and precious find of the meaningful life shadows them over. People who pursued money and fame as their predominant interest either had to embrace an unsatisfactory life or rethink their path. So first identify the purpose based on your prime talents, and then identify the suitable means, sectors, methods, etc. to achieve that vision. And I will tell you one little secret here….

This was a little snapshot on the difference between a vision and goal. Further details on how to practically and realistically go about finding your vision no matter what your situation is, is described in detail in the book ‘Can You Play‘.