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Call it ‘Karma’ or call it the ‘action and reaction’ theory or call it the ‘what goes around comes around’ theory. The moot point is Does karma exist? If yes, then how? People have been trying hard to prove that it does. They have desperately tried hard to match the actions to their corresponding results. Below is a collation of some examples of karma that I have across through my own observation or through my studies.

A person who has earned money in a wrong way by cheating people sometime in his career

  • Faces scarcity of money and in turn, agony on various occasions.
  • Faces imprisonment for many years and loss of reputation.
  • Is heavily in debt and is troubled by not having a permanent house in later years.
  • Faces mental trauma and depression leading to suicide.

A person who has had an insincere relationship with a girl before marriage and caused suffering due to false promises

  • Has difficulty to in getting married or having kids due to health problems.
  • Has a bad marriage due to heightened suspiciousness and insincerity from the spouse – the same feelings that he had aroused once.
  • Is betrayed by the girl he loves.

A person who focused too much on money and career and made his family suffer by not giving sufficient time,

  • Is forced to pay attention to his family due to unavoidable family issues cropping up.
  • Suffers due to regret of not spending enough time with family.
  • Faces a sudden downfall and loss of business or money.


More examples of the law of Karma :

The children of a person, who had helped his colleagues and family members immensely in gaining education, are all intelligent and hence well-educated. On the other hand, the children of those who did not respect his deeds are not well-educated, due to their lesser intellectual abilities.

Someone who helped his unappreciative friend to build a house has been living in a well-furnished, settled house since years. While the friend, after having had to sell off the house, is now moving from one house to another.

A person who had kept giving all his life, whatever best he could, to the needy, despite not being very well off, is now a millionaire and living in a posh locality in Mumbai.

If you pursue to observe such instances, you will come across many more – small and big, silly and serious. Karma might happen in the taxi system wherein you end up shelling off extra money due to lack of change possessed by the cab driver. And in turn the law of karma gets vindicated by another taxi driver who lets you go off for the same reason. Sometimes if you bought something dishonestly it gets stolen or does not last long. Some will cite being taken into custody for a wrong doing. Some will get solace from the fact that their ex got dumped for his or her earlier ill deeds. And some people fear ‘Karma coming back’ theory to the extent that they become a watchdog and wait for the next available instance to wrap up an action reaction loop. They even find examples of karma in images such as below:

A hilarious example of karma

Well you know what! Here comes the anticlimax. The belief system of karma has come so brutally ingrained in us that despite trying to match the pros and cons, people have hardly been able to satisfactorily. Human mind is geared for fear, for its survival. Try to show that there will be a daemon in the future, and it will get into action and do all things possible to ensure its survival when the future event comes knocking. And in the process, the daemon gets engraved in its being. This is what has happened to karma as well. So I DO NOT BELIEVE in karma, the way it is implied through the examples above. It’s not really hard to collate far-fetched examples. Despite my best efforts this is what even I could get at. No one has seen a justice system descending from heaven to give a tight smach to all those who have been ‘jerks’ in our life. But I admit that this expectation is where even I started from.

In fact most of this is from the earlier version of my book a few years back, until something someday really hit me and I got a sense intuitively of how karma indeed works. If each person who has been a keen observer of karma sits down and notes instances where they could not match their karma, those could far outweigh the instances that were matching.

Karma works, but there is an entire different dimension to it. There is a lot of mind body play happening to give us this feeling of action and reaction. There is a science of karma – it’s scientific. It is not the usual action and reaction that we expect. It goes a lot deeper and subtle than that. I would like to keep it as some surprise. Read on in the book ‘Can You Play‘ and know the dynamics behind the karma theory. Knowing about this theory is one of the key foundations to your spiritual growth. To know more about my views on Karma, click here.