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A successful life is one which has let life express itself freely through its physical form. The person having done so, would have had the most peace and contentment in his / her lifetime. Each of us is endowed with specific flow of energy. The will comes by itself. As famously said, “You can do what you will but you cannot will what you ‘will’”. The energies, desires, inclinations and urges are natural to every being and no amount of conditioning, teaching, peer pressure can change its default alignment. Each person’s journey is unique and it is best to align yourself with the default energies as you pursue the growth while bringing a careful balance to the material needs.

If you can wake up each day and look forward to the day with poise and positivity, consistently, it means you have let the life flow. It implies a lot many things further on. It means that you have a successful life. It means that you have had a high spiritual growth because consistency cannot come in without overcoming the duality of life (read adverse times). Each of us will face hurdles and will stumble upon difficult situations. Duality is life’s very nature. This duality affects the mind and makes you get a larger perspective of life. Only then you can bounce off as a spring from one polarity to another and gradually ease off on the base line – stable, unwavering, “detached”.

Follow your life’s passion. Do not let the mind come in the way and do not forcibly align yourself in the direction your energy is not geared towards. It’s not just about money or fame. Avoid the grip of fear by sharpening your understanding of life and the hindrance created by the mind. Know that to be bored of current situation and move to something very interesting is in our mind’s very nature. You cannot defeat nature. Life is here to experience in each of us – from human beings to the smallest insects. If you are aligned with the life stream, the new areas of life that get carved out will also be aligned with your energies. If not, then you will keep moving with conflict and try to fit yourself within the societal norms and come out as a successful mediocre who could aptly fit in only within the conditioning of the mind. But there is a huge force within that is beyond the mind and that wants you to follow a path but you are letting the mind in and believing it to be true. Mind is nothing but conditioning. Try to think of a subject you don’t know of . You go blank. You will realize you can’t think. Thoughts can only come of things you have experienced through your senses. You are a conditioned being and it is important to realize this. All of your beliefs about success and failures has been fed through this conditioned mind. It is a sad thing that right from start our minds are fed the importance of success and our role models are set accordingly. Had our minds been conditioned to experience life fully with all its ups and down, much of our troubles could have been inevitably and easily avoided. Life would be ‘simple’ and you would have been content and happy irrespective of your money and fame. Because then you would have ride the tide and not swam against it. You are a bubble that when blown from the bubble blow stick carries unique expression of life just like all the other bubbles do. We are all bubbles of the life energy. Some will land near, some far, some small, some big, some might burst before landing, some later and so forth. Just observe your bubble stream through this life and cheer its unique expression at all points in time. Enjoy while it lasts.

More so often, people go against the tide when it comes to their life path and then end up reading all the self help books thereafter. Many of these books will ask you to forcibly show positivity in areas and give various tips to do the same. There cannot be a suggestion more damaging. In a way these ask you to hide the symptoms of your inherent dissatisfaction. However if you flow with the life stream, these positivity will emerge of its own accord. You will have healthy relations, healthy living and healthy mind. Life will be fun and full of vitality. No book, no lecture will be needed. You are here only for a short span of come. Come, enjoy by doing what you like, do as much as you can while you are aligned and then slip off. Life is nothing but a big time pass, pass it well.

Look at the life as having evolved through various civilizations. In one civilization wheel was introduced. In another a cart. Few centuries later a car. In no long a time we could have our private flying vehicles.  Civilizations will keep moving on, many have perished and many more will come. This civilization is happening on a marble called earth which appears as a tiny dot when placed next to the sun which is millions times more massive. Sun in turn is just a dot in front of other bigger stars of the solar system. Our solar system has some ten-millionth of the diameter of our galaxy Milkyway. Our galaxy has some 300 billion odd stars. And look at the infinite number of galaxies out there. There are hundreds of billions of them. We are just a tiny speck located in some tiny corner with some tiny bit of power. We don’t even know if this life is just a dream and that we are actually sleeping in some other planet / galaxy. With this infinitesimal tiny influence that you can have and with so much non clarity on the real truth (if you really go to think about it), what is it that you want to do? Stick to the mind or follow your heart. Does this give you the courage to break open and express life to its fullest or is the peer pressure still has its overwhelming power upon you. What do you think is real success to you when you look back 30 years from now!

The best way you can contribute to the civilization is from a place of freedom, when you can follow the energies you are bestowed with. You will be the biggest loser if you succumb to the society and not let life express itself freely through you. Yes, situations differ, some are complex some are simple. Still not expressing yourself is not an option and a great in justice to your ‘self’. There are ways, many ways to get it done. People have done it, so can you. It just requires your intent and understanding.  I explain more on this topic about how you can go about expressing yourself freely despite your current situation and circumstances in the book ‘Can You Play’. It is based on my life’s experience and understanding. It also explains in detail how to go about figuring your life path when it comes to the profession and plan your way meticulously. As the book says – ‘ The feeling of knowing one’s purpose resembles that of a long lost dear thing that has been found again. There will be a sudden surge of positivity that finds permanent space in your mind irrespective of the activity you do. Now, all other areas including your job will be means to the end, to the achievement of your real purpose.’

But know that this eventually is only in line with the larger goal of life that will reveal itself in due course. As Jim Carrey, the famous comedian actor nails it down,

“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer”