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You might find it difficult to go deeper into meditation at all times. Sometimes it works out well, sometimes you are overwhelmed by the flood of thoughts and you sway to their tunes. It is ok to not be able to go deeper meditation each time. But every time you stay there and do the recommended dose of meditation and with the right methodology, it is only making you stronger and detoxifying you further. Flood of emotions, both positive and negative is a natural part to it and is only a rebounding effect of meditation as it purifies you further.

As Buddha said, ‘once the dirt settles down’, the water will become clear. This is very apt when it comes to meditation. As you let the dirt of thoughts settle down, you enter into the clarity of silence. From here  on it is deeper meditation. It is a very subtle and spontaneous process. You might not really know that you were in deeper meditation until you come out of meditation and reflect back on your experience.  You progress from complete awareness to subtle awareness to the no awareness states.

It is important to know what to expect in deeper stages of meditation. In deeper meditation, you are one with silence. There is nothing but awareness. There could be occasional arrows (thoughts) initially which seem to be making its way in the periphery, but you are still one with silence and after some time even those thoughts disappear.

You might lose sense of time. As you lose touch with the thought dimension, you might end up exceeding the time you have set for yourself. This is absolutely fine and just indicates that you indeed were in deeper meditation. An hour could pass by when you thought it was only 10 minutes.

Apart from feeling very refreshed, you will feel very integrated and satisfied despite the problems that you are facing in the outside world. It is similar to knowing darkness only because you know what light is. Likewise you have tasted calmness now, real calmness. And the peace that protrudes out of it will give you a much larger solace and a larger view of the things at hand. You might laugh your way out through the things that seemed so daunting to you earlier. You will go ‘Aah! It was the brain’. You will find a new sense of freedom.

You will also sense a distinct feeling of separation from your thoughts. You will find energy homogeneously dissipated towards the heart region and from there you are able to distinctly observe your thoughts. It would feel as if a new dimension has opened up that you can sense but not see and that runs in parallel to your experiencing the material world.

In short, going to these deeper states is really worth trying for. But the more you try, the more challenging it becomes. Meditation is eventually about letting go – letting go of your thoughts, of your awareness, of any clinging.

Sometime soon, I shall give you a precise manual to follow in order to do meditation correctly and experience these deeper states.