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Spirituality to me is to follow a direction that helps one become a loving human being as the final goal. It is not the artificial love that many people tend to cultivate on getting a burst of energy nor is it about feeling good and big after forgiving someone on reading through some books. It is fancy to say nowadays that one is spiritual. Rather, spirituality is the genuine feeling of love and forgiveness that seeps forth when we realize our existence as a spirit, one that is not separate from others. In turn following this direction would entail a lot many things mostly those that help us get swayed away from this path such as control of the mind as well as those that help us move faster on the path such as meditation. Even nutrition or finding purpose in life is eventually a part or rather sub-steps of spirituality in the broader scheme of things. Lord Buddha understood the importance of nutrition in his quest of overcoming the mind and become all loving.

For the purpose of this category, mostly those topics that are closely related to mind, meditation or else which are important steps or hindrances towards achieving a higher spiritual state are classified in this category. These can also be said to be topics closer to emotional and spiritual health. A strong spiritual outlook only creates a robust emotional health. Even topics such as religion that helps one understand the real purpose of religions in their eventual quest of spirituality are put forth here.

There are many definitions of spirituality. It encompasses many perspectives. It is not a fool proof recipe. But if you keep the above direction towards effortless love in mind and cultivate yourself to its pursuit, you are well on course and other perspectives will fall in place in due course. Enjoy the Read!