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‘It’s all in the mind’ – something that we have all heard at some point in time. But is it actually so! What exactly is mind? Who creates it? Is it a physical or a dimensionless entity? Does it have connection to the larger spiritual power? Where is it located? And most importantly – is it really in your control? And yet another one for those who have deeper insights into this topic – Can you separate your will from the mind? Or in other words, ‘Can you not mind your mind’? And here goes last – Are mind and consciousness same? Phew!!

It is these deeper questions that are being pondered upon in the blogs of ‘Mind’. Mind and thoughts are very intrinsically linked. The thoughts arise in the mind. Brain appears to be the platform to create the mind. In such a scenario, how do you deal with the mind that defines your life.  Do you attack the brain to change your mind? Lot of researches do point towards the correlation between the changing brain patterns and changing thoughts as well as tendencies in the mind.

Or does the mind have to be attacked separately as the Buddhist and many other revered scriptures consider it? All your happiness, sorrows, disappointments, frustrations are finally the result of your mind’s evaluation isn’t it? In that case, is it possible to control the mind irrespective of what creates it? Or is surpassing it the only option? This leads to even larger question – Can one surpass the mind and how? And if yes, then are we over and above the mind?

It’s a maze. One question about mind leads to another and slowly a whole set of chained events and topics come out of the closet right from freewill to karma. Think about it. Develop your own view point. Through knowledge of these and more related topics, you will be in better control of your life and can create an enriching experience for yourself. These set of blogs are an attempt to the same effect.