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I am lost. Amidst the crazy frenzied nature of our external worlds, I find myself contemplating the question deeper down – was it me? Me, I, Myself are the terms that have perplexed me the most, off lately. Who is this damm me! And where exactly does it exist.

I consider myself to be juggling both the material and spiritual aspirations. I might not still relate completely with the fact of seeing myself in everyone or that ultimate feeling of oneness that the realized souls seem to swear by, but at the same time I don’t feel too distant from it on occasions. Maybe I had glimpses of it. But I have definitely seen the much larger picture, the one that is different from the helpless states in which we function at most times, that which can only be synonymous to a living ‘robot’.

But as I try to strive to see through the so called illusions, I do continue to play my role in the material world as well, the relations, the work and the society. Just that all of these are happening with a different dimension and perspective altogether. I try to let life flow and allow it to give its unique expression through my mind and body, rather than me trying to twist and turn the default energies in me in order to place myself better within the society.

How this quest started?

Fuelled by some external circumstances and curiosity to know the reason behind the same, I happened to find a strong connection between two noted entities – Astrology and Karma – and found them to be distinct, yet steering me towards the same direction. Subsequently, there arose a strong urge within me to not only dig deeper, but also get real. With a clean slate, I started questioning all that existed and all that I ever believed in. As I penned down the thoughts to quench my own curiosity, I not only found a much larger picture unfolding, but also that the diverse topics ever spoken or known about in our lifetime, blend together perfectly.

Some of these various pieces include

Science vs. Religion
Concept of Karma
Astrology and Karma
Vision and Goal
Diet and Exercises
Meditation and Breathing
Self-Discipline and will-power
Brain and Mind
Heart and Emotions
Subconscious Mind
Link between body and sub-conscious
How to achieve success
Various self-help approaches
Alternative Medicines
Different religions and their teachings
The disconnect in following religions
The final path in life
The way to live life
Teaching of ancient and modern philosophers, spiritual masters.
Philosophies that can help
Closeness to liberation
Salvation, Liberation, Enlightenment, else.

These topics are talked about at length in my book ‘Can You Play‘. The idea was to present a holistic view of the way life operates, to bring ‘life’ to you. Deeper study of each of these topics and evidences pulled from various sources helped to connect the dots in order to present the larger picture and purpose of life and know the game, hence the title – ‘Can You Play’.

Work and Occupation

My name is Bankim. A software engineer and an MBA by profession, I run a digital marketing firm to ensure material needs and dig deeper into the abyss of my nature to finesse my spiritual wisdom. I share my knowledge through writing articles and book and in turn satisfy my creative thirst. This is what I like, this combination is what brings joy in my life – when I am in the ‘me, myself’ mode. I am trying my best to flow with the life energies i am bestowed with.