Earthquakes and Tsunamis – The conventional karma angle

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Governed by the Supreme Energy and its flawless laws, you will realize that there has to be a reason for everything that happens. Not all people who die in such natural calamity could have possessed the probability of death or accident. The natural disasters that leave people wondering and doubting the Law of Nature is a two way effect.

Firstly, it could be due to a collective account of all individual Karmas kept separately for humanity. Anytime the collective amount of bad Karma for all of us exceeds a specific amount or there is a greater deviation from being loving human beings, a natural calamity is forced upon us. This natural calamity reduces the bad Karma and balances it through a natural calamity that brings human beings together and serves to remind them of the larger forces at play.

Secondly, most of these disasters or in fact all could actually be a Karma effect. The effect of the Karma of humanity is found in the depletion of the ozone layer. Due to human activity and interference, the ozone layer, which protects earth from ultraviolet rays, is depleting, resulting in adverse health effects on all human beings, and not necessarily the ones who started depleting it. We are all in it together. Finally, it is a fight between the good and bad; bad here refers to human beings, and good refers to the ozone layer created by the Supreme Power. When you break the laws and mess with nature, you are the one who is bad.

Similarly, with respect to earthquakes and tsunamis, reports are emerging that deep drilling, mining and other activities in sensitive ecological areas precipitate these disasters; again, this points at interfering with the Law of Nature. Likewise, there are reports for other natural phenomena, which occur and cause mass destruction.

The conjunction of the above two cases indicate that while some of the results are arrived at naturally through the law of karma, rest indeed need to be induced. Through both the above two cases, people not intended to die could also possibly die. No Karma is struck off from individual accounts, because the punishment is for humanity and not for the individual. How the individual Karma is settled is difficult to say, as no one has an accurate idea about afterlife.

Researches through past life regression have generally shown that people who die in accidents tend to come back faster than those who die a natural death. Sounds logical, since for the larger good of humanity, lives need to be taken well in advance sometimes and then sent back again soon to ensure continuity at the earliest. The soul will come back and start from where it left off in terms of spiritual growth. Early death is not suffering, so the new soul will not be compensated for it in any way by being given more riches, etc.

Mass Spiritual Upliftment

On a lighter note, it seems that the Supreme Power could have been running out of time or been really tired and bored of giving rewards at an individual level. So time and again, it ensures a program called mass spiritual upliftment in which thousands and lakhs of people participate at one go.

The tools are ready to be used whenever they need to be induced, be it cyclones or floods. The mode of operation also gives us an important learning in life that we are all one and need to remain one. One consciousness exists – this is the message when such disasters strike. They trigger the movement towards oneness.

Know that here I have tried to consider Karma from the conventional give and take point of view. While it makes things easy to understand, know that behind the scenes working could be different. You can get a bit more understanding of Karma in my other article here.