Why You Should Give Up Morning Tea for This Drink

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There are a couple of health mantras which when followed regularly offer a range of benefits. The difference these habits make manifests itself in the form of increased vitality, energy and better health overall. It is important to have a healthy start to the day to encourage healthy food choices throughout the day. After a long rest, the body needs good nutrition to start working for the day.

The top three (health mantras) things to do in the morning as soon as you wake up are, as recommended by nutritionists are:

  • Drink up two glasses of water
  • Have a fruit within half an hour waking up
  • Drink a glass of warm water infused with the juice of lemon and a spoonful of honey

These combinations work wonderfully well to fuel the body up. Honey has a range of benefits that are overlooked in light of it being ‘sweet’. But, a glass of water with honey and lemon in it can benefit you in many ways –

  1. It can reduce bloating and decrease gas in the stomach. Honey neutralizes the gas in the system and helps create healthy bowel movements when taken in moderate amounts every day.
  1. It helps boost the immune system because lemon provides vitamin C while honey has a host of healthy enzymes, vitaminsand minerals.
  1. It helps flush out toxins and acts as a quick detoxifying remedy. Honey and warm water is one of the best combinations to clear out the toxins accumulated in the intestines and colon, and lemon acts as a diuretic that helps clear the gall bladder by increasing urination.
  1. It helps clear out the skin by flushing out toxins and providing natural anti-oxidants. Keeping in mind the points stated above, it is no wonder that the honey-lemon-warm water combination can drastically improve the quality of the skin.
  1. It can help you lose weight because the natural sugars in honey help curb the sweet tooth which is the biggest culprit of weight gain. Switching to a glass of warm water with honey can help save up to 64% calories that are otherwise consumed through sweetened drinks. Switching to a glass of this instead of a cup of tea in morning is a great lifestyle change.
  1. It can help soothe a sore throat and keep you warm during the colder months. Honey is a natural remedy for respiratory infections and cough, while the vitamin C in lemon helps reduce inflammation in the throat.
  1. It helps regulate blood sugar levels because the combination of natural sugars – fructose and glucose help maintain sugar levels and also lower cholesterol.
  1. It can help cut down the risk of cardiovascular disease owing to the flavonoids and anti-oxidants present in honey and lemon. According to research, honey slows down the oxidation of bad cholesterol in human blood, this cutting the risk of a stroke.
  1. It helps kick start your metabolism and hydrates the entire system after a long break of sleep. The body is naturally dehydrated in the morning after a long sleep and this helps recharge the cells.

It’s time to start the morning with a quick, easy and powerful health drink!

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