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‘Karma’ is an integral part of the Buddhist and Hindu doctrine. Karma means ‘action’ and the theory says that each of your action will have an equal reaction. It is an invisible force that balances and sustains the universe. But is it so simple – that if you do bad then bad happens and if you do good then good returns to you? Who defines good and bad by the way? And then what all things should be attributed to Karma. Even reincarnation is an integral part of karma! Do diseases and other significant life events completely ride on one’s Karma.  Why do good things happen to bad people?

These are the very questions that come at the forefront when one comes to think of karma.  And these are the questions that are addressed too in this topic. Topics such as reincarnation, what religions have to say on karma, conventional thinking about karma, examples and research that come forth with regards to karma are all covered in this blog category. You can even share your stories on this or any of the blog category topics. It is indeed one of the toughest topics to understand and explain. Certain parts of revelation as to the exact working of Karma may be left over to the book – Can You Play, but that is only because certain things need to be dealt with in the overall scheme of things.