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Freewill has been one of the trickiest and more perplexing concept of philosophy. I remember that when I first started to think on this concept as it was an integral part of the book Can You Play, I swayed to and fro for months before being able to come up with the conviction on the idea of how it actually works.

How free is your will? Do you really choose what you choose? What role does destiny have to play? If all the influencing factors were the same, could you still have chosen differently? Are you just a puppet of your brain mechanism? And lastly, is freewill just a illusion?

These are the plethora of questions that come to the forefront when one comes to think of freewill. Freewill, Determinism (nothing being in your control) and Fatalism (final outcome being pre-decided) are closely related topics and often tend to go with each other during any discussions on this matter. And as go further into this topic, you will realize that it has far ranging implications. It could turn your complete life with its beliefs upside down – as what you thought was true was not actually so and those key moments that defined your life and emotions can unfortunately not be attributed to you either. The deeper realization of this could either disappoint you or liberate you, depending on whether you have been subjectively floating towards the good or bad side of life.

The blogs in this category are an attempt to further trigger your curiosity and interest in the subject. They will talk on freewill from different perspectives and real life situations. While the complete set of ideas, my thought process and eventual belief are elaborated in the book Can You Play, this will serve as a good starting point if you have entered into the phase of life where knowing about the real  ‘doer’ perplexes you.