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Meditation is an ancient art of silencing the mind. The state was easier to achieve in earlier times when we were closer to the nature. But with the advancement of technology, it has become increasingly difficult to achieve and retain the same. Far and few in between though have been able to successfully understand the importance of meditation and also live up to its state in their own ways. Different intellectuals from all walks have also portrayed it in their own words to their best understanding. Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, for e.g., always asked us to retain the ‘I am‘ state. While modern day guru Echkarte Tolle always asks us to be in the present moment. Both are referring to a state that is brought about by meditation. You will get this inkling of the states referred to by different eminent people once you get to experience and acquaint yourself with this state brought about by meditation.

Only when the stress levels reached epidemic proportions in the busy metros a few decades back did the importance of meditation really start gaining grounds. Subsequently a lot of research started taking place to analyze its actual impact on the human body and brain. This was also facilitated with the augment of sophisticated devices that could now peep deep inside the brain and watch for physical and chemical clues.

Meditation is one of nature healing mechanism, albeit much important. It cures you at all levels by taking you deeper within self and connecting you to the non-physical world.  It is the bridge between physical and spiritual world. Meditation commands a great deal of importance and taking this into account the same has elaborated in depth in the book – Can You Play. It is important to understand analytically how it works and how it actually brings about a deeper positive change in one’s well being by reaching out to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

The blogs in this category will talk on various aspects of meditation. From how is it done to personal experiences to the latest research and observation, it would cover it all.