Going Deeper Into Meditation II

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Going deeper into meditation might evoke experiences which you are otherwise not used to. It also depends what stage of the spiritual evolution you are at. I have generally noticed that people who tend to stay calmer and positive in life across situations (which reflects high spirituality), generally tend to move towards the feeling of detachment faster, and in turn enlightenment. However, they do tend to reach a fork like situation wherein one needs to take a tough call if to pursue the same direction further.

As an e.g. this friend of mine started doing meditation daily for half hour and in a matter of 4 days there was a profound difference in his approach. He cried during his work hours and otherwise as if there was a longing and connection established to a larger source. He started enjoying each and every moment and lost any sense of competitiveness while playing sports such as squash. He was enjoying each and every moment and that is all that mattered. While there was a continuous surge of positivity, there was also a deep sense of meaninglessness of the daily activities that he pursued. Relations suddenly seemed to serve no purpose and he wanted to go away far from them. He had this deep urge to renounce each and everything for the larger purpose of becoming one.

However, it was here when he hit a cross road. He could not figure out what to do. And one family problem broke the entire momentum and life returned to its pre-meditation era. Since then the person has also been wary of going deeper into meditation so as not to feel the urge again. It was a scaring affair.

It is best that in this situation you do not leave meditation completely. Forgoing one’s identify could be a difficult task, but if you keep put at meditation, you will keep gaining larger insights into the working of the mind and body and you will also find a practical way of being detached without renunciation and with leaving amidst the very society and its expectations. Yes! Although difficult, it is not impossible to experience and stay detached while handling the worldly affairs. For this it is also important to know how meditation penetrates into your mind and body in phases and further nuances of detachment and enlightenment. The book ‘Can You Play‘ can help in the same.

Do share your meditation experiences by writing into bankim@canyouplay.org.

For many others, it is common to experience physical sensations in the body as they start to silence it out. As the stressors get released from the body you might experience certain feelings in certain parts of the body as the released energy cause various biochemical reactions within the body. Some of the experiences are explained nicely in the below page by Dr. Deepak Chopra.