My Green Tea Experience – Just 10 day was enough!

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So, I finally embarked on the healing journey and my green tea experience is one part of it. I am not really a fat burner kind of a guy. My body type has always been slim or athletic and never really scouted for these weight reducing tactics. Blessed in a sense given the market size and the interest that a solution for this topic commands. Even meditation voices in the market have now started invoking the health benefit of losing fat and in turn reducing weight to woo and retain potential customers. So, coming to green tea, I am sure you have all heard this :

“Green Tea has multiple health benefits.  It keeps body fat way. It sheds extra kilos. It gives you energy. It does this. It does that. And so much more”

I have realized that the more you get closer to the nature, the more you become energetic. At the same time you lose all the fat that you had embraced as a part of life’s survival mechanism. I do keep trying a lot of stuff, venture out on diet, while still a lot of experiment on natural home remedies remain. Nevertheless this experiment on Green Tea is something I definitely had tryst with. It was at a time when I was trying to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Guess it happens when you feel that you are losing touch of the twenties but want to desperately go back there once again. And here I read about Green Tea removing all the toxins, fats and stuff from your body through its antioxidants, etc. while making you full of energy again. A lot of anti-ageing proponents for it also exist.

So I embarked on one. I remember having Green Tea thrice daily – once in the morning, once after lunch and once in the evening. Is not that I liked the taste or stuff, although now you get some really yummy flavors. But I started liking the idea of sipping something healthy while having discussion with your folks in the morning sitting in the balcony when everyone was mostly having a regular tea. I was never addicted to the regular tea (with milk and sugar) but had had it for long enough, again just casually and out of fun of sipping something.

Fast Forward >> 10 Days : Green Tea Effects

Here’s the deal. After 10 days into my fling with green tea, I started feeling a stark difference. I felt good, probably out of a feel good factor as well that now I have embarked on a healthy journey. Also I did feel a bit more sharp and energetic. It was noticeable but not really that stark, again it was only 10 days. However the most noticeable effect was that of losing fat. And fat it takes, not just from your belly but from your entire body. I could see my face losing fat and it started going into the form it used to be while in teens – that fatless face and body, sharp and pointed, lean. To add further about my body, it is very sensitive to environment, I can gain and lose fat, pump up or down in a matter of days. I didn’t have any other major dietary changes during this period. And the green tea I had was an organic green tea with tea bags and flavor of Tulsi. Nowadays various types of green tea are available including Macha, Oolong, Japanese green tea and more, each with claims of their own unique benefits. I would suggest go with the source which is trusted for it being organic in nature. If you can get it at a place closer to you, the better as you can actually see it getting prepared and be convinced about it to a larger extent.

This green tea experience and its effect really awed me, just that I felt it was not the right time for me to venture into that mode further. So I stopped having it and I came back to my original self. But I feel I have a good weapon with me for sometime into the future. I would really want to try it for 30 days at stretch and see.

It’s best to remain close to nature and hence nature healing is something you should definitely strive for. The above Green tea experiment revealed a lot about diet and its strong impact upon body. You can read more about my experience or observations on diet and healing here. However I am a holistic guy and would also encourage you to strengthen the roots by reading the book CAN YOU PLAY. Herein I look at life and its complexities in  larger depth and that shall in turn lead to a larger benefit on vitality and your overall life.