Can two people have same horoscope?

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Difficult, but yes. Two people can have similar horoscopes. But no! they won’t necessarily have the same life paths. You should also know that there is not one but many more charts known as D-9, D-10, and so on that one has to analyze in order to come out with a precise prediction. These other charts provide microscopic views in specific areas like career, marriage, etc. And these charts differ by the minute.

So there could be a case when the starting point is the same, like in the case of twins, who have the same day and place of birth but with a small time interval. Despite the main chart being similar, these other charts will differ leading to different life paths and can only be known from these other charts.

And, although rare, it could be possible (mostly theoretically) that there are two people born at precisely the same time and at same day and place. Along with the overall strength and placement of the planets, even their sub charts might also be a lot matching which indicates that they might pass through similar ups and downs in life. But they could be born into two different environments. One could have been born in a political family of a developed nation and the other in an underdeveloped country. It is possible that a person born in a political family might end up becoming the president and the person born in the underdeveloped country might end up leading a rural organization, assuming both handle real free-will equally well.

The level of happiness which both will experience will be the same, even though both of them are brought up in relatively different environments. The person born in a political family will be as ecstatic on becoming president, as will the person born in the tribal family on becoming the leader of the organization. More so, the real freewill is independent of horoscope and their course of life will also depend on how well they utilize it and respond to various life events.

Hence, firstly, due to differences by the minute, it is genuinely very difficult to have the same horoscope of two different people right to the very core. And even if two people share the same horoscope, their life paths would still be different. Not only the initial environment they are brought up in, but also their utilization of real freewill whose results will manifest later on will alter their path in times to come.

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