Noticing a random thought – Life is all suspense

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Everybody is only guessing the modalities of life after death. If you look at the old religious sages and saints, they seem to know exactly where we are headed to after death. But they would never seem to reveal it with conviction leaving some amount of suspense out there. The same is true with new age thinkers and philosophers who sway either way from believing in religious theory to going by the science. None of them come out and claim openly what happens after life. Same also goes with scientists who are so sure that it is the science but seem equally baffled when they have to explain things life after-life. If you collect all these beliefs and ideas from all the great thinkers that ever lived or are living, you will only end up scratching your head and be in one giant mess that has left you equally confused as ever before.

The above thought – the thought that there is so much suspense to life and no one from early age thinkers to current ones are able to really tell it across with conviction, popped up while I was meditating one fine day. And I was like where did this random thought pop up from. Was it through the noise of my brain that made some pattern (had been reading a lot about brain lately) and in turn produced this thought randomly. Or was it through a non physical entity like soul or someone just sending it across.

Either ways, was it in my control? It just seemed to literally pop up. I realized this is true for actually every thought. You don’t know what your next random thought will be. Unless I take a conscious control and deliberately try to think about something or not think at all, both of which last for a while. But then, the act of taking the conscious control was also the result of a thought. And, was that thought too in my control?