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Meditation may seem to rebound (Meditation Side Effects). You might suddenly feel deluged by the flow of negative emotions – anger, anxiety or else on the day or day after of meditation. This is not unnatural. Your body has always been operating in a specific state with due proportions of positive and negative emotions. When there is a sudden skew towards positive emotions, the negative tend to overpower soon thereafter to bring you to its original state of balance. It is similar to your sympathetic and parasympathetic systems trying to balance you at all points in time when either of them tries to take over. Your body seeks balance, in all its endeavor as the balance state is its ‘safe’ state.

So is it good? Yes as you now have the opportunity to rise to a new proportion of positivity and negativity within yourself and establish a new ‘safe’ state by purging yourself of unwanted energies. These are finally the release of emotional toxins happening from deep within your system, when the positivity of calmness tends to make its way deep within. The displacement of negativity (emotional and mental blockages from unprocessed emotions such as anxiety, anger, grief due to an abuse or trauma) from the seat of emotions can cause an upsurge and it is individual to each one of us. The ‘unprocessed files’ from your inner reservoir might keep coming out for quite some significant time as you continue to slow down, become quiet and connect to your inner space. It might not be an easy journey and you might get pulled back to the earlier comfort zone. The force of emotions might easily overpower you and push you into an even more aggressive mode. Meditation might seem to harm then.

So what is the best thing to do when meditation side effects happen?

You first need to be aware that there is a detoxification taking place. This understanding would  increase your control over the situation. Know that it is a scientific process. Then just allow the emotions to rise through and observe it. Do not gratify it by giving it attention, else it would end up taking the same place from which it was uprooted. Additionally, try to indulge yourself in an activity that brings out aggressiveness, maybe karate or kickboxing, or just sweating it out hard at the gym.

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