Journey into silence – the typical spiritual path

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The journey into silence is about the sequence that you follow to rise high in the game of life. It is constantly happening in each one’s life, although unaware. It is also about the sequence that will help you best as you follow this blog. Generally a person would evolve spiritually in the following manner :

  • Everything is going on well – hale and hearty.
  • An event happens that impacts you profoundly.
  • The balance of momentum shifts towards negativity in your life.
  • Suddenly there is a urge to be free from worry and negative thought patterns.
  • Areas of spirituality such as meditation give you hope (and even excitement).
  • As you face difficulty meditation or purely as a complement to it, you start pursuing things that lead to better vitality. This includes various nature healing mechanism through breathing, nutrition or else.
  • But here’s the thing – it still doesn’t work. If you stay put, you realize that the mind is creating the real problem and that it is not about achieving a feel good factor by meditation.
  • You distance from the mind.  You go into deeper states of meditation to uncover the truth. You gain insights into freewill operating in your life.
  • You are much better evolved spiritually now. You enter the state of relaxed awareness.
  • You go further, you become one.

Above is the natural progression that you can expect in a typical life or journey of a soul. It’s not as simple though. The material distractions will try its best to sway you of the path. But you have to still have faith and stay put. Every stage above carries with it the profound meaning. Your silence will be out of a much larger wisdom.

The links highlighted above will take you in the same natural order from none to high spirituality through this blog.