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Consciousness research is an area of active research since ages. Only now we have reached an area of sophistication. Wherein, we can use instruments that can actually peek deep down into the working of the brain. Scientists are trying hard to realize that ‘I’ moment, yet the clear understanding still eludes. But I think philosophy is such a subject that you just don’t feel like giving it up. You still want to know the why and how of life – why are you here and how are you here. And that is how most philosophers start embracing aspects from other fields of research such as biology and physics as well in their quest for knowing the meaning of life.

Sophisticated researches for consciousness are generally more spread out towards the western and far eastern countries and not as much in the Asian ones. However, lot of this research does include researching on the aspects such as yoga, meditation which have emerged in these Asian countries. Somehow I feel it is time that countries like India jump take lead into these field. It is where our ancient sages have given us the knowledge through Vedas and other revered books about the origin, purpose and departure of mankind. With the skill set, interest in these areas and the required machinery. India can do a much larger justice to these researches and in turn which can benefit not only itself, but also the whole world.

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