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One of the key reasons why many rivers from earlier times were considered to be pious, auspicious and supposed to help get rid of one’s ‘sins’ is because they indeed helped people overcome their inherent negative energy. This is not because of some magic or any hidden mystical force. But because these rivers had vital minerals and nutrients in them that helped achieved a pure state through their absorption by the skin. Skin is still one of the most potent mediums of absorption. And minerals play a very important role in the proper functioning and balance of the body by helping many hundreds of chemical reaction  take place with the right effect.

It is no secret anymore that a lot of human emotional states are also a result a faulty diet. Anger, anxiety and so forth have been linked to their underlying nutritional causes scientifically. And as explained in the post, Anger and Nutrition, there are many real life examples wherein the before and after emotional states in people post a nutritional regime paint a drastically different picture. These early day rivers had a great concentration of trace but vital minerals in them. Even today there are minerals available either of selective river beds or of sea beds which remain reasonably unpolluted. Water from Himalaya is available with their nutritional value supposedly more or less intact.

As an example, one can obtain rock salt from the market. They are granular pieces of white salt composed of sodium and chloride and are easily available at local grocery stores. Take some ankle deep warm water in a bucket. Put in two spoons of rock salt and dip for 15 minutes. Do it twice daily for a week. While soaking your feet, you might want to chant or just be quiet. This method helps in balancing the sodium and chloride within your body and you will feel the difference in just a few days, if not after the week. Some benefits of this salt water bath (not all of them might be easily cognizable) include

  • – improves mood
  • – detoxifies
  • – improves your energy levels
  • – improves bowel function
  • – balances pH

In fact, salt water bath using rock salt also has its spiritual significance in warding off negative energies and drain it out of your system. It find its place for activities such as aura cleansing, house cleaning off negative energies and so forth. It is also an important part of feng shui – chinese system of laws which helps align things in accordance with the flow of energy for favorable results. One of the beliefs associated with removal of negative energy can be seen in the video below:

For more fancy salts and minerals, remember Lord Google and all the e-commerce firms will throw upon you the latest and novel in the pack of salts. Again just don’t go by the color as it’s a common tactic to drain your cash. Reading the reviews and knowing what people have to say is a good bet. And lastly, they are not really that expensive. You can always try it out for a few days and you will know whether it works for you or not.

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