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When it comes to health, most of us think about a few parameters such as BMI, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Triglycerides, etc. But no! There’s a parameter that surpasses them all. It’s your Potential Hydrogen (pH) and denotes the acidic and alkaline ratio in your body. We are supposed to be alkaline. An optimum pH is one that is slightly geared to alkaline, that of 7.365. Lesser tends to be acidic and exceeding it goes the alkaline way.

It is only when your Potential Hydrogen (pH) skews towards the acidic proportions that problems start surfacing within your body. The various ways that acid gets accumulated inside your body include:

  • Chronic Stress
  • Diet Depleted of Nutrition
  • Pollution
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • and more.


Effect of excess Acid on Organs

Your body organs literally breaks down when you become acidic. Excess toxicity in your blood cause arterial inflammation and plaques, which can result in heart related ailments primarily. It further robs your body of oxygen and your cells become devoid of vital nutrients. These things happen very subtly and this is why it tends to be ignored. Many a times only when you see yourself in better shape in relation to others of same age group do you realize the things that you have done right or that others have done wrong. Likewise your liver is entrusted with the duty to remove acidic wastes from the blood. The larger the load on the liver, the more it is depleted of its ammunition and the long enough this continues, greater the chances of it declining functionally leading to further accumulation of toxic wastes within the body. This problem in liver could just surface anywhere – say a hair loss. Yes! Hair loss could be a sign of a mal-functioning liver that allows acidic material to accumulate on the scalp leading to thin hair. And the hair loss industry thrives on it while the root cause of the imbalance goes unnoticed.

Pancreas are equally geared up for an alkaline environment. It is one of the first organs affected when the pH becomes acidic. As the pancreatic juice and bile becomes acidic, chances of inflammation, stones and ulcers rise. Your kidneys filter a litre of blood each minute. Excess stress on the kidneys due to acidic toxins in the blood (which liver was unable to filter) makes them perform poorly, leading to kidney stones and other irregularities. All of this is a direct result of the acidic food that you eat. Lungs create excess mucus to ward off the harmful effects of acid. This excess mucus causes lungs to not expand fuller leading to breathing problems, chest pain and more.

The stomach finds it difficult to digest acidic food. Poor digestion leads to further clogging in the colon and intestines. It might lead to poor absorption ability in the future and which is why one might not be able to retrieve enough nutrients from the food. This in turn leads to deficiencies. Not to forget acid reflux, heartburn, etc that one has to come to terms with.You see one simple acidic toxic waste for a prolonged period of time starts a series of chain reaction wherein the nth step will lead to a symptom which will be visible and diagnosed as a disease.

But the root cause was that one thing – being more acidic than alkaline. Any organ, any disease, the wearing down of bones and tissues –  it all starts from here. Body pH and health are closely related. Whenever the body is acidic, the nutrients are sucked out from the healthy portions of the body to counter them, leaving those portions weak to fend for themselves.

Getting Your Potential Hydrogen (pH) Tested

There are strips available at our local health food store that help you measure your Potential Hydrogen (pH) via saliva or urine. Generally you will compare the colors on the test strip with a chart that comes with the kit. You will want to stay somewhere between 6.5 and 7.5 mark.

Getting yourself back into the alkaline zone requires doing many things right – better stress management and proper food dietary intake are the two most important things.

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