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Difference between astrology and astronomy was not always there. At one point in time they were one. Gradually, as the realisation of the vastness of the universe crept, each field started demanding its own dedicated bandwidth. Two separate streams of study emerged, and so did also the difference between astrology and astronomy.  

I happened to meet this astronomer who disliked astrology. Later on I realized that all astronomers hate astrology to the core. Astronomers are supposed to be scientists. So anything that is not supposedly scientifically proven is outright disapproved by them. After a couple of interactions is so appeared to me as if the sun, moon, venus, etc planets have had personal bad equation with these guys (a relation gone sour) and these astronomers just do not want to hear about them anymore. In fact, they want to get back at them and seek revenge by undermining them to this extent.

  • Is so obvious that the tides are affected by the moon. And we are 70% water.
  • Tally the sun sign prediction with the trait of relevant people. They really match, these are just not naive profiling.
  • Tally the birth number of people and their respective predictions. You will again find a significant match here.

In hindsight I think I should have actually throws these facts upon them based on their birth details, wonder why it didn't strike me then.  Guess was on a mission. But why can't they accept the fact that there are higher forces at play. Science is limited in its approach. If a fact is not proven, it does not mean that the fact does not exist.

I think majority of the dissonance arises because they feel that astrology can't predict to the last detail. I have read instances wherein astrologers were asked to pinpoint the behavior of an individual (serial killer) and when they could not do so with accuracy, hence the fallacy. This is a very short sighted approach to disapproving astrology. Is like telling that we don't have a brain since science yet does not know in great depth  (or in any depth whatsoever) about the functioning of the brain. Astrology is vast. If you look at the permutation and combination, you are in fact talking about many millions of permutations that possibly exist.

Is time that we all, and especially astronomers, give breathing space to things that might not be scientifically statistically proven, such as astrology. Difference between astrology and astronomy will still remain, but an open and a more respectful attitude towards the two sciences can lend more power in their search of the true power of the cosmos.