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We so often see people trying to pursue career they least want to. So often people succumb to life situations and societal pressures to pursue something only to exist. What an injustice it is to the real you, the real make of you that is designed to pursue something which you are still unaware of? I have observed people who know that they do not like what they are doing but they struggle equally hard to know what they would want to pursue otherwise. They try their best to understand the purpose of life in their limited time, but many a times only end up googling ‘what is my life’s purpose’ or joining a nearby dance class.

Your career might not be destined, but it is definitely supposed to align. You are aligned towards a specific direction based on some key factors, internal as well as external. Imagine that year, and literally decades go away in this tryst, only to end up saying in many cases that ‘wish if I had done that, I was so good at it’!


Approach to finding your True Purpose

My interest and curiosity in predictive sciences such as astrology has led me to understand that these sciences can play a pivotal role in defining our lives if applied in the correct way. We shall have to let go our expectation of these sciences as ‘the magic wand that is supposed to get it all right’. We should use it to its strength.One important area they can help you to make your lives meaningful is to help you understand it’s purpose of life.  I  have studied astrology and other predictive sciences deeper. Sometimes one, sometimes two and sometimes all or other conventional methods come to the rescue of figuring out your life’s purpose.

I have seen how a Jupiter or a Saturn is working behind the scene and having a gala time pushing you to their favored paths. I have validated umpteen cases where a life aligns itself to the direction and timing depicted by the cosmic forces. If only one could catch hold of these hidden signals in astrology much earlier and align it to the practical world, one could harvest a much brighter future in times to come.  It is important to know what direction you are supposed to pursue – your so called ‘life’s purpose’ in this material world.


Quote from the Book

Below is a related quoting on the topic from the yet to be released book “Can You Play”.

“It helps to play on strengths. Giving due consideration to the strengths highlighted by predictive sciences, the traits exhibited by the child, observed areas of interest where he or she loses sense of time, and practical understanding of the direction of the path under consideration can pave a way for a much richer future for the child.  While this is applicable to one and all, it is all the more important for parents in order to figure out the right direction for their child from the beginning.

Straws show which way the wind blows. Understanding the hidden likes and dislikes behind a child’s exhibited traits could not only prove vital to their future, but also save years of flirting with various careers. Wouldn’t it be better if your child’s career and vision were the same? On a lighter note, it will help prevent many of the MBA seats being blocked by the engineering students!“

Consultation Approach

Here I will mainly be using the predictive sciences to help you with life’s purpose. The basic premise of consulting is that each of us is geared towards a specific direction, the area where we can excel and in turn discover joy and meaning in life. Rather than taking aim in the dark, you would be better off if after thorough analysis you follow a well directed path. Your life will become joyful, fun and exciting, once you take this proactive step to figure out what you were actually supposed to do.

I might primarily be using astrology, but will be taking due help from numerology and palmistry. I might ask you a few questions to corroborate or further enhance my understanding of you. I might look up at other conventional modes of career counselling and try and blend them with my findings. It’s a tough job you see. Sometimes things don’t easily go through. I might just head out occasionally for a long walk until my thoughts and findings about the person through various mediums seem to be merging at a common point and until my intuition says ‘yes this is it’.

Remember I am not trying to figure out your career, I am trying to figure out your Life’s purpose. Careers will keep changing, through time, age and new opportunities that evolve through changes in the world dynamics. But that which you are best designed to put forth to the world will not change. Here you will know that one thing that is supported by the internal of your being and will be supported by the external circumstances. You will know that one thing that would make you happy. You will know that one thing that could save years and decades of frustration. You will want to pursue it no matter what. You will want to align your career so that you can pursue your Life’s purpose, until one day your career merges with your Life’s purpose.

SORRY THE CONSULTATION IS NOT AVAILABLE CURRENTLY. However you can drop me a mail at and shall try to revert back soon.