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To know why bad things happen to good people or vice versa, it is important to understand the scenario from a bigger perspective. The final aim of life is to become a loving human being and for that it is important to realize that we are all a part of the same energy source (This is further explained in the book ‘Can You Play‘). The realization of oneness is crucial for love to manifest. This energy source through the law of Karma pulls your intentions towards this final role that you need to play, else the suffering will not cease to exist. It does not matter who does it and why it happens, but there is a pull that wants you to work as one.

Now put yourself in the shoes of this final energy source.

Assume the earth is a small place with three people A,B and C working in a company on a project. As the Supreme Force,

  • You need to make them feel one and pull them closer to the final energy source (yourself).
  • Ensure that you do not interfere in their individual decisions based on free will.

You realize that with the above rules in place, the best way to do this is to mete out justice to each of them based on their individual duties. As they face harsh consequences to loose actions, they might realize the actual path to righteousness. Next, you divide the tasks equally between A, B and C and press the Start button. You sit back by the pool and relax, watching their actions.

A and B work hard, but C is lazy and avoids work. The time goes by: Tick… tick…tick… Finally an event happens –C steals some of B’s work. And there you go. You reluctantly come out of the Jacuzzi, kiss your love good-bye, take another hot shower, flip into your official suit and get seated at your desk. You laugh out the fact that C has spoiled your good romantic time, no matter how much you want to curse him. You are God, you can’t!

On analyzing the situation, you decide the course of justice. You realize that ideally there will have to be a situation when somebody else steals from C and he experiences suffering similar to that of B’s. But in case that situation takes a lot of time to arise, you keep another option up your sleeves – ill health for C. And you think of yet another option – a minor accident for C. You realize that B has forgiven C. As time passes, the right time for the second option has come. So without waiting any longer, you dispense the results. C becomes ill for the suffering caused and may end up doing a little introspection due to his suffering.

A few months later, you see that the bond between the three people is getting weaker. They are swaying away from being and feeling one. So for the larger good, you decide to take some action by which all three are affected and brought together. A has a pending good Karma, but you decide to settle it later. For the sake of the humanity at large, you get the project cancelled and now all of their work is waste. They are forced to work together and help each other to find a new way to survive. They try to develop a bond to ensure their existence.

Similarly, if a situation arises when the results of the good deeds of both A and B are pending and there is a competition between A and B, only one can settle his good Law of Karma. The other will have to wait for the next situation, as you cannot forcefully interfere in creating the situation. And your dual job of making them work as a team as well as giving them their individual due goes on.

It is only Practical

Despite being the supreme energy, even among three people you cannot ascertain the exact sequence of good and bad events. A had pending good Karma, but the humanity at large took precedence and A experienced a different result at that point in time. A might also have to wait if B receives priority in their competition. A would probably question the existence of the Supreme Energy at this point in time, as it feels like injustice.

But now you have yourself seen that it was just not possible. The humanity at large had to take precedence as it was a better opportunity to align people to cooperate and love and at the same time you had to ensure freewill. These are the times when your faith is tested. You want to ensure that A, B and C come naturally to this final understanding of loving all.

All of us come in contact with thousands of people during our lifetime, right from families to relatives to friends to colleagues and more. If with three people in a small world, as seen in the above example, balance of Karma could not be as expected, the enormity of the task in balancing of Karmas done against these thousands of open connections can only be imagined. You will never know which of your earlier deeds is taking priority. You see the enormity of task at hand. Billions to be made to realize this oneness while at the same time ensuring individual settlement of Law of Karma. You are just one instrument in the grand symphony of life, and every instrument is equally instrumental in a symphony.

The above illustrate the practical on-ground reality faced by the Supreme Energy. It is just another real life situation, nothing magical about it.  Bad things will happen to good people. Events that occur to you are not necessarily Karmic. You might not have earned them. It might not be because you brought them on, but because they might be needed for the good of humanity or because another person’s result is taking precedence over yours. There is a larger interest that is being pursued. So, Yes! Life on earth is a risky affair. But with every higher risk lies an equally higher reward. Reward is the happiness as you progress further and as you introspect inward during the challenging times.

So, every pending result is reaped in its own due time, which is scientifically arrived at and you will come to know that a little later. That time might lie a distance ahead. Until that time is reached, you may not get precedence. This is why many people end up losing faith in the Supreme Energy after having faced unwarranted despair. And this is why many corrupt people seem to escape their Karma and innocent people suffer on many counts. But everything gets balanced until the results of the affliction caused intentionally to the other person or persons have been reaped.

Know that here I have tried to consider Law of Karma from the conventional give and take point of view. While it makes things easy to understand, know that behind the scenes working could be different. You can get a bit more understanding of Karma in my other article here.