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I have seen lives change as people start to chew things they previously hadn’t, as people become aware of their existence. While predominantly dealing with nutritional diet, vitality will deal with the overall well-being that can bring lasting peace and energy in your life.

Your body already has the capacity to heal itself. It is the best doctor you can ever find. Every cell in your body is intelligent and can defend itself. Unfortunately it is dependent upon you for its ammunition. If all that it needs is a pistol but you provide it with a knife, the enemies will have a better chance of winning. In turn, you become diseased. The current lifestyle, eating habits, pollution, pesticides, name it and they are there inside all of us fighting their battle hard with our loyal cells.

I have seen, directly or indirectly, many of this so called conditions like asthma, diabetes, allergies, depression, anxiety, bipolar, OCD, etc go away in a whisker as the right set of nutrients kicked in. This person called X struggled with anxiety and depression for 5 years. Tens of doctors visited during the time. Right from leading national Ayurvedic chain to homeopaths to the renowned conventional doctors to psychologists to metaphysics to other alternative modes of healing. X was devastated with all of this. Until the diet pattern changed. Come the healthy food and the life came back normal in no time. Imagine the state of current medical system, as one reputed doctor calls his illness permanent and asks him to pray to God and another makes him hear positive speeches from the internet, both charging obnoxious amounts, when all that X needed was some dose of magnesium.

I have seen the hair loss problem go away in people who have been fighting for years with the problem. The expensive shampoos and therapies and some special tablets recommended by the most expensive doctors fizzle away in front of the right nutritional diet and lifestyle. The doctors are left clueless. I have seen elder people with lethargy getting energized and plan trips out of the blue after several years. I have seen them getting an urge to learn new things, like driving a car. I have seen a person having almost renounced the worldly life fighting for money within a week’s time after being made to chew some basic food items.I have seen students trying hard for important entrance examinations making it through with ease on changing their diet. I have seen romance spice up in hot summers and fertility become normal. I have seen people reverse age, looking young and bright in their forties, fifties and more. I have seen bed-ridden people get up and walk with the right nutritional diet. I have seen anger and sadness go away. I have witnessed many of these, right in front of my very eyes.


My Approach to Vitality

My interest and curiosity in the subject of nutrition, medicine, mind, body and healing has made me read and skim hundreds of books and research deep into these. I have validated my understanding on nutrition, medicine, etc from prominent centres / dieticians of the country. In essence, I bring you the knowledge of many renowned institutes at one place here. I have understood medicine deeper, and the various forms of it from ayurveda to the current conventional medicine.

At times your vitality may need recourse of an even broader scheme such as metaphysics healing like the past life therapy, reiki or pranic healing. Or may be one of the alternative forms of medicine like Acupuncture is the cure. Maybe the lifestyle, the way you breath or maybe in making you walk lies the cure. Maybe it’s the negative energy affecting your rhythm and you need a spiritual cure. Or maybe, there is a miracle drink out there that has cured all the problems. I have seen many a times how multiple systems need to work in tandem to solve a problem. Through the above interactions with the varied systems of healing, I have been able to see through the fallacy of multi-billion dollar modern day medicine. If all you have is a hammer, everything else will appear a nail.

I am an eggetarian, hence my knowledge is more focussed towards the same diet. However it can help non-vegetarians to an equal extent. Please do not expect that I will be sending you any hi-fi data and stats about your body etc. I am just here to take you back to your roots, because that is where lies the cure. In the process, many of your adverse states brought about by unhealthy choices should cure, wither away or show substantial improvements. The core focus remains the same – pass on the right weapons to your cells and they will take care of the rest. If they are at ease, you will not face any disease.  Your life will change for good. Let the charge of your vitality be with none other, but you.


Consultation Approach

While the base of consultation will be vitality nutrition (since that is where most people have messed up today), through the knowledge that I have acquired over the years, I will give you a holistic solution so that you are at your vitality best. You will learn a lot as different perspectives from different sciences will come into play. This awareness on health will strengthen your roots and in the process, your ill conditions as well, if any, should fade away.

So you can consider me as a Vitality Consultant, officially. Unofficially, a friend, a well-wisher who has a healthier you as one of his key priorities. Based on your current lifestyle I will consult you towards a right lifestyle and direct you towards the right techniques. It might include nutrition, exercise, medicine, healing techniques or introduce some spiritual practice in your life. I will do research for you if and when needed. Your body and mind will eventually have to come together to ensure you complete vitality.

SORRY THE CONSULTATION SERVICE IS NOT AVAILABLE CURRENTLY. However, you can still drop a mail at stating the problem and I shall try and revert back soon.