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Do you want to possess a mind free from worry, in real genuine sense where you are at peace and bliss always no matter what? Also do you really think that your mind can be free from worry and anxiety?

The above two questions are to raise genuine hopes within you while at the same time asking you to be practical and well grounded on earth. Hope you experienced milder version of both jubilation and disappointment. Worry is a very integral part of fear. If you have to fear about something, it is the worry and analytical approach of the mind primarily that creates the scenes and scenarios eventually making you aware of possible future danger. So that you fear and can make yourself secure. Worry is your brain’s basic nature just as digestion is to your stomach or breathing is for your lungs. So if you think that you can live life free from worry, let me not give you false hope. The software for fear is hidden in the deeper reptilian part of the brain that cares about its survival. You don’t have the option to remove or upgrade it just like you manage your present computer operating system. Remember, survival is the prime duty of your brain and hence the network out there is that much more robust.

The degree to which a person worries would differ across individuals depending on their brain’s chemical composition. That is why some people are more resilient to stress while others are not. It is not that ‘they have done something special’, their chemical composition just happens to be that way (not taking into account the spiritual evolution across lives which could also be attributed to the non-physical self). It’s a different subject altogether that the ‘me’ in you makes you feel that you have triggered that resilient behavior. But irrespective of it, you have the option to not be influenced by worries and anxieties and in a way this approach and non-influence arising from in-depth understanding indeed gradually makes you free from worry.

Breaking free from worry – The Two Approach

 I am not here to tell you tips like plan your day well, keep a diary, have a good nutrition, follow the passion, stay hydrated, etc. Those are important but are more like curing the symptoms rather than the root cause. I don’t want you to go back to the worry mode once any of the above ceases. I am more inclined towards the fact that one should unconditionally be free from worry, whether you are married or facing a tsunami.

To make mind free from worry basically demands that you are in acceptance of it. Yes! No matter how difficult it sounds, that is the only way. But the fine nuance arises in the method with which you are accepting it. You can accept the situation in two ways below:

  1. When you are completely associated with the mind and which provokes the feelings such as ‘I am feeling sad, why is this happening to me, I am this, I am that….’ (this is also an acceptance in a way as you have accepted the feelings you are experiencing)
  2. When you are watching the feelings pass by at a distance. They are still causing the same reactions to your body, but you have that resilience to not be attached to it. You know you are not in control of it. You stay calm.

It is the second approach and conviction of it that helps you be free of worry, but to reach to that point, as mentioned in many of the earlier writings as well requires deeper realization of life. As simple as it sounds, the meaning is that much deeper. It implies a very high level of spiritual progress and you can read my blog on spiritual breakthrough to get started into it. Meditation as mentioned plays an important role in this realization, in creating that distance when you can let things happen to your mind and body without being influenced by it. It is an intuitive insight that you get as you stay on course. Mind can never be won by the mind. Worry is mind’s inherent nature to keep you secure. You have to transcend the mind. Only then can you be free of worry. So if you have ever wondered ‘how to become free from worry?‘, this mode of acceptance is the only possible way. And the good thing is that – it is possible.

To read more of my blogs related to this subject, you can visit the topics on Mind, Meditation and Spirituality. However, for a holistic approach wherein your understanding of life gets even deeper, would recommend to buy the book ‘Can You Play’ as it touched upon all the facets of life. It touches upon the topic of being free from worry amidst the current urban or whichever lifestyles in greater depth, kind of being an urban saint with  relevant examples. It is very much possible. The book however is broadly  about knowing the game of life and how to play it well – be it in your material aspirations or spiritual inclinations.