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‘I try to do meditation but too many thoughts come’? This is a common statement I have heard. But then what did you expect? That mind will go into a trance as soon as you close your eyes? Just like to exhibit self-discipline and stick to some of your favorite task, likewise you need to stay put to the idea of meditation. It has the potential to change your life and all activities that you pursue, and more so it is only scientific.

One way to look at meditation is about reducing the background noise, the brain circuitry that is constantly running and producing thoughts in the mind. You will know that thoughts simply arise in consciousness. If you have tried to meditate for even 5 minutes you will pass through a thought from a few days back to that of a couple of months back and then again to some days in future. If you are observant enough you will know that you have not chosen that thought. That is the brain circuitry working of its own accord and which impulses you into doing various things the way you actually do it.

Meditation reduces the effect of this brain circuitry and gives you power from within. Idea is to allow the thoughts arise in meditation but simply observe. Do not get swayed by them saying ‘Aah dammit I received another thought’. That is the very function of brain just like your liver and kidneys have their own function. You don’t order kidneys to stop filtering for a while! Understanding the right mechanism and knowing what to expect makes it easier to stay on course. Thoughts will come, just allow them.

When you continue to stay that way, calm and still, till your desired time, the calmness will gradually get the better of you. Some things have to be tried to know and understand. Meditation is definitely one of them. Meditation is a vast subject too, but this is one of the aspects which is important to address so that people do not sway away when the thoughts torment them. It is a natural and but obvious part of meditation.

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