Fascinating – I can be a part of Satsangs 35 odd years back!!

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It is fascinating. How easy, it is in present days to progress towards realization with the help of spiritual blogs and videos. I was hoping the other day to meet or be a part of the Satsang from a truly realized master. People traveling from long distance just to attend sessions from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Sri Ramana Maharshi and so on. I typed a few keys on youtube and there I was right in front of Satsang conducted decades earlier (the late seventies and early eighties) by some of the most realized souls. Who imagined back then, that 35 or 80 years later a simple recording of a video would be so useful to millions of people. Here is one such link.

Spiritual Journey with Technology

Without this advancement in technology, the spiritual journey as it seems would have been so much more difficult. One can actually visualize being part of the Satsang through these videos and get the feel of being right there. You get to feel the mannerism, habits, speech, teachings and style of the Guru as it literally happened back then. A person in one part of the world can now access a realized soul and his thoughts thousands of miles away and get enlightened. There are Satsangs being conducted over Skype now. It is indeed, fascinating! These speeches and videos would help you more if you are already on the path and also understand the importance of being on the path towards realization.

Also remember, the technology has made that many more distractions available to us and in a sense the benefits are also getting neutralized by the toughness introduced through these added distractions. However once the seed of realization has found its footing, then there is no dearth of opportunity and the benefits that the technology provides if you stay put.

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