Can you Play is about playing the game called ‘Life’, which remains oblivious to us despite it playing right head-on. This game has been highlighted by many thinkers and spiritual sages at various times, but the right understanding still eludes many. Their messages have been overlooked while words have been passionately latched on to.  The messages and this game of life becomes easier to comprehend when our understanding of various facets of life gets real, when we are not deluded and overwhelmed by the social conditioning which has sprung forth due to the insecurities of life and living. This is when we get over the words and go deeper into the meaning that various realized souls sought for, when the clouds disperse and the ever existent sky becomes visible. We go back to our self.   Read More …

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The 2 ways to face tough times

Let’s say your life is in a mess. Financials have gone for a toss, relations messed up and health has concerns. There is nothing to look forward to. There are two ways that you can overcome this situation – one with the mind and one without. Before you look...

Let life flow

A successful life is one which has let life express itself freely through its physical form. The person having done so, would have had the most peace and contentment in his / her lifetime. Each of us is endowed with specific flow of energy. The will comes by itself. As...

Embracing the tough times

‘How to face tough times?’ – Is that on your mind too? One thing I have realized is that no matter which technique you follow – whether you want to control your breathing, you want to do meditation, you might want to do affirmations or else in order to lead...

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Nature Healing

5 Keys to optimum health – Easy to follow, Proven healing

What I am going to highlight over here are simple health practices with dramatic positive effects and which...

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Buddhify Meditation Nature Healing Spirituality

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)- How EFT works and why I started believing it

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, is a recent wave in the domain of natural healing. Human beings...

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Buddhify Mind

Brain vs Mind

Difference of brain and mind is sometimes not readily apparent. In colloquial terms, one often implies the...

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Meditation Mind

Consciousness Research

Consciousness research is an area of active research since ages. Only now we have reached an area...

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Nature Healing Nutrition

Benefits of Salt Water Bath

One of the key reasons why many rivers from earlier times were considered to be pious, auspicious...

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Buddhify Mind Nature Healing Nutrition

Anger and nutrition are a lot related

Anger and nutrition are a lot related. In fact many emotional states are related to nutrition in some way...

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Buddhify Predictive Science

Astrology and Astronomy

Difference between astrology and astronomy was not always there. At one point in time they were one....

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Buddhify Mind

Best example to explain consciousness

There has been a lot of debate as to where the nature of consciousness (that feeling of...

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Buddhify From the Book Predictive Science

Can two people have same horoscope?

Difficult, but yes. Two people can have similar horoscopes. But no! they won’t necessarily have the same...

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